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Ultrasonic cleaning

The sum of all possibilities
Punkt Electronic time and temperature control
Punkt Autostart temperature-controlled / temperature pre-selected
Punkt High-performance transducer systems
Punkt Dry run proof ceramic heating
Punkt Improved cleaning performance with Sweep
Punkt Safety swith-off

The Elmasonic E ultrasonic units offers durable and economic top cleaning results with Sweep technology. Now the units of the new series increase the ultrasonic effect further to obtain even better results.

The materials used and the reliable technology prolong the service life of the units. The new design combines more functionality with more looks.

The basis of nearly perfect cleaning processes with ultrasound is the high-performance transducer system with 37kHz.

The sweep function guarantees a homogeneous sound field distribution by way of continuous shifting the sound field maxima.

When used in tough permanent operation you will find that the new units with their functional design fully meet the demands of any cleaning task.

Your package benefits with our jewellery cleaning liquid:

  • Made of non polluting materials
  • Human and environmental friendly
  • Cost effective and user friendly
  • No special waste management required
  • Safe and simple cleaning process
  • Long lasting luster
  • No costly damage to stones
Ask for the particularly favourable package price.