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SGA 3500

Precision casting for stainless steel

The SGA 3500 is an industrial precision casting system with tilting crucible for all kind of stainless steel.

To adapt the melting power exactly to the different kinds of steel there is an automatic power adaption and an automatic frequency tracing.

On the LCD-touch-screen you can watch all the relevant working data, the parameters for the casting and the machine can be programmed.

Through the upper opening, which will be closed by a cover with protective glas, the casting material can be put into the crucible

The front door closes and opens automatically. On the doors platform the mould will be placed and by closing the door tilted to the casting chamber underneath the crucible.

The casting is operated by a switch. The crucible can be emptied at once or in several steps.

Data sheet
mains supply: 400V3AC; 50/60Hz
power supply: 23 kVA
pre-fuse: 32 A
crucible volume: 3500 cm3
max. mould height: 500 mm
max. heating temperature: 1.750 °C
pressured air: 6 Bar
protective gas: Argon, nitrogen
cooling water: 10 l / min
weight: ~ 2200 kg

Datasheet as PDF