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MPS 300

Precision casting for copper up to 20kg

The MPS300 melting unit with bottom poring technology was design on customers special demand. The unit is designed to be combined with an existing mould unit. The MPS300 is melting 10kg of copper in less than 12 minutes. The maximum capacity of the melting unit is 3 liters which means an equivalent of 20kg of copper per cast.

The melted copper is cast into the mould unit through the bottom cast tube which during the melting process is closed by a sealing rod. In the mould unit it cools down and the cast part is taken out. There is an inductive melting process in a graphite crucible with a bottom hole which can be closed and opened by the automatic operating sealing rod.

For error and collision free cooperation of both of the units there is an exchange of "handshake" signals between the control systems.

The copper to be melted is put manually into the crucible.

Data sheet
mains supply: 400V3AC; 50/60Hz
power supply: 23 kVA
pre-fuse: 32 A
crucible volume: 3500 cm³
max. mould height: 500 mm
max. heating temperature: 1.7500 °C
pressured air: 6 Bar
protective gas: Argon, nitrogen
cooling water: 10 l / min
weight: ~ 2200 kg

Datasheet as PDF