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Quadrant Dental Solution

RA 80, RA 120 & POWERDENT 400

Technical Features
Punkt Fully electrical level control of the elektrolyte
Punkt Electronic indication of filling level by means of LED
Punkt If the filling is too low or too high there is an acoustic warning and an error indication at the LCD-Display (HF) or LED (PF)
Punkt Working pressure is watched electronically and controlled autmatically for constant pressure level. The performance can be adjusted in 100 steps with the keyboard.
Punkt Error messages like overpresure or overtemperature are displayed on the multifunctional LCD Display (HF) or by LED (RF).
Punkt Simple programming with 4 keys of all relevant data in German, English or French language (HF).
Punkt Maximum operation safety due to reliable microprocessor control.
Punkt The filling cones have a bowl to secure the system in case of overfilling.
Punkt Automatically switched to the energy-safe-mode after 15 minutes of unuse.
Punkt Precious metals like silver, gold, platinum and other non precious metals can be welded and soldered.
Punkt Environmental friendly.
Punkt Due to new technology the electrolyte has not to be renewed any more.
Punkt Designed according to DIN 32 508; complies with the CE-Norm.